Threat Intelligence Realized

Effective prevention of fishing Effectively prevent forged certificates and domain forgery Find out about the hacking plan Monitoring the Dark Web Preventive threat assessment


Uses groundbreaking data mining algorithms and unique network reconnaissance technology to monitor thousands of sources-including surface web, deep web, deep web and dark web and dark web Road (dark web).

Provide threat intelligence tailored to your business, name (brand), corporate asset management level, corporate asset management level staff, and more. Specifically, it will monitor whether your corporate domain, IP address, smart document corporate brand app (such as online banking), social site confidential project information, etc., are mentioned in the above way.


     IntSignts provides a collaborative platform for real-time threat intelligence collection, classification, and response-aggregates external threat information, internal equipment information, and related industry information of the enterprise, and optimizes IOCs through event contextual correlation to determine the degree of enterprise security threats.

Only IntSights truly intelligently simplifies the process of mitigation by identifying and automatically repairing external threats. Realize intelligent and simplified mitigation by identifying and automatically repairing external threats. It can connect to firewalls, endpoint web proxiesweb and SIEMSIEM products, and can automatically update the monitoring list, block suspicious hash values, phishing website malicious domains and prevent stolen account information.

Take down fake phone apps, phishing sites, and suspicious domains by integrating Google, partner app stores, and social media.



  IntSights' global team can find out for you:

• Does the forum on the dark web discuss or mention your business?
• Do they sell your data on the black market?
• What are they expected to do?
• What programming language do they use?
• Is there a fake login screen? Phishing website?
• Large-scale collection of information for your business?


More information, please refer to Intsights website
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