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Clavis3 QKD Platform
量子密鑰分發(Quantum Key Distribution, QKD)

Product Review

-Pioneer of quantum key products in commercial market
-Open QKD platform as R & D application
-High-speed key generation and distribution can support distances up to 100km
-Provides external detector option
-Using IDQ Patent Coherent One-Way (COW) Agreement


Clavis3 Cockpit is a graphical interface that can be used to control and execute the Clavis3 platform. It provides access to some hardware parameters and allows users to visualize procedures from system calibration to secure key exchange. Clavis 3 Cockpit GUI is used to control QKDS-A and QKDS-B two devices.


**WHY Clavis3 QKD Platform?**
-High-speed key generation with 1.25GHz pulse repetition rate at the transmitting end
-External detectors can be used for maximum flexibility
-Hardware key processing (in FPGA module), which can achieve high-speed key distribution rate
-Manual and automatic operation
-Designed as a research platform to access and adjust parameters
-Sync signal
-Easy to use


          Datasheet          IDQ website


          Datasheet          IDQ website

          Datasheet          IDQ website

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