AhnLab, South Korea's largest security vendor, was established in 1995 and is committed to providing comprehensive security products, professional consultants and security hosting services. Its product lines cover clients (V3, V3 Mobile & V3 Mobile +), APT defense (MDS), DDoS defense (DPS), a full range of UTM products (TrusGuard) and advisory team services (MDSE, ASEC).

 AhnLab DPS



AhnLab Malware Defense System (MDS)

APT Solutions

APT activity defense solution that truly crosses client, server, network and cloud

AhnLab MDS is a comprehensive APT solution that provides comprehensive protection from the Web, E-Mail, and File Server with integrated management of clients, servers, networks and the cloud. It can analyze and block unknown attack methods, effectively prevent APT and Zero-day threats, and establish a complete information security defense line. MDS's unique client-side monitoring and correction capability is a unique feature in similar products in the industry. It can monitor the occurrence of abnormalities, and can immediately remove malicious programs on the client side, and do the best defense before the impact level expands.




AhnLab MDS防禦平台

Cloud based intelligence)

Behavior-based analysis

Dynamic content analysis

Monitor and Remediate


AhnLab DDoS Protection System (DPS)

Hybrid DDoS attack solution

Traditional DDoS attack solutions cannot truly prevent hybrid DDoS attacks. Such solutions often trigger false positives, which can cause unnecessary network interruptions and waste corporate resources.
DPS accurately detects malicious TCP and HTTP requests, which can significantly reduce service interruptions caused by false positives compared to traditional solutions.
In addition, DPS protects the system from targeted, small HTTP attacks, which are often undetectable in traditional DDoS attack solutions.



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